Friday, May 15, 2015

Magickal Fennel

So, I've got this fennel plant in my garden.  It's totally a weed, but it's so pretty early in the spring that I let it grow, promising myself I'll move/kill it soon.  Then the swallowtail butterflies find it and start laying their eggs on it and then I don't want to mess with it 'cuz, you know, BUTTERFLIES! And then dammit, another year goes by with this GIANT plant in my garden.  

In all honesty, it's pretty all the way to fall, but since it's a volunteer of course it's in an inconvenient spot.  By Midsummer it is totally blocking any light my butterfly garden might get.  Aaand, since it volunteered between rocks, I can't effectively harvest the bulb and eat it.

Fortunately it is a wonderful herb for a witch's garden.  Obviously, since I can't kill it, it's super easy to grow, and up until the swallowtail caterpillars move in, I use the shiznit outa it, both in the kitchen and magickally.  My favorite use is for protection, since I'm totally done with fennel's fertility aspect.  Back in the baby days, I drank fennel seed tea by the gallon to keep up the milk production, and I still like to hang a bouquet of fennel fronds over the doors on Midsummer Eve for protection.   In all honesty though, there's nothing I can say about fennel that isn't said by the wonderful folks at Herbal Riot, so to learn more hit this link: 

Seriously though, this winter?  I'm totally moving that plant.

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