Monday, January 5, 2015

Pagan Pajamas!

It's freaking cold here.  Seriously, even the cat won't go outside.  The downside--I'm trapped in a post-Yuletide house with bored kiddoes who absolutely do NOT wish to help with the de-Yulification process.  The upside?  Pajama weather.

I won't lie--I'm a firm believer in getting your ass outa bed each morning and putting on your big-girl pants.  The whole "I can't decide if people who wear pajamas in public have given up on life or are living it to the fullest" quote is just not me.  That said, I'm totally not getting outa my jammies today.  They've got wiener dogs all over them, and while I neither own nor even know any wiener dogs personally, I just love saying wiener dog.  Wiener dog wiener dog wiener dog.

The only thing that would make these wiener dog pajama bottoms better is if the wiener dogs were wearing witches' hats.  And that, my angels, is the point of this post.

I think there's a market for pagan pajama bottoms.  You know, something other than the orange and black Halloween pajamas you may or may not find on clearance around now, or the Harry Potter pj's left over from that Daniel Radcliffe phase I went through (it was dark times...).  I know I'd wear them (especially if they had magick wiener dogs on them), and I couldn't possibly be the only one.

So here you go, all you enterprising folks with a serger and an Etsy account.  Pagan-themed pajama bottoms.  You're welcome.

Oh, and I like mine to ride low on the hips, and hang a little longer around the ankles.