Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rocking the Early Post Halloween Sales

OK, reason # 653 of 'Why I Love Halloween?'  Two words:
The Sales.

I wasn't even looking for Halloween stuff at this point--it's a week before Halloween for Goddess' sake!  I usually hit the sales day before or day of.  But while on a quest (unfulfilled) for the perfect pair of canvas sneakers (cuz, you know, I NEEDS me some more canvas sneakers), I stumbled into Williams Sonoma where all Halloween merchandise was on clearance.  Never one to say no to a deal I snagged me some excellent Halloween booty.  Score!

$3.99--What?!!  I'll totally use these all year...

$4.99 for this bad boy--I may have to gut a pumpkin early just to play.  
Any accessory for the power drill is OK by me...

$.99?!!!  I should have stocked up for Yule presents! 

Better still...crazy pumpkins were on sale for $1.99 each at my local Target.  I filled my cart and took a picture of the display just in case they wanted to fight me on it.  No mistake though.  I should have gotten more...

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