Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pagan Geeking Out Here

Oh.  My.  Goddess!!!
I LOVE it when a celestial event happens at a time and place that is ever so convenient to me!
This morning's full lunar eclipse was the perfect storm of awesome--

Awake anyway?  Check
Clear skies?  Check
Cool October morning?  Check
Coffee in hand?  Check and check

Aaand, just as I'm sitting there, considering which incense I want to burn to honor this magical moment and creeping out the poor jogger who runs by my house every morning, I hear an eerie trilling sound.  Then another.  A pair of freaking OWLS were hanging out in my neighbors' trees providing the soundtrack to my pagan moment.  No. Way!  OWLS!!  October, full moon, lunar eclipse and owls! Throw in my cat nagging me for breakfast and it was almost cliché it was so Halloweenie.  My heart was swelling with a love for all things pagan (or maybe that third cup of coffee) and I HAD to share this with my family.

Of course, the fam was less than pleased...
Me (around 5:30 a.m.):  Get up!!!  Lunar eclipse!  Quickquickquickhurry!!!
Them:  uuuuuuunnnnnggggghhhhhhh....

Still, all in all a successful esbat.  Now I'm going back to bed.


  1. So envious! It's still warm in Alabama- much less fall-feeling. And I slept through my alarm to get me up for the eclipse. Sigh.

    1. Don't be jealous--I have to get up by 5 to get the fam out the door every morning. Bleh! The eclipse totally made it worth it this morning.

  2. Possibly the greatest blog entry ever!! Bonus points for using the work "Halloweenie"! LOL!! :-)