Sunday, September 14, 2014

OPK (Other Pagans' Kids)

I had an interesting experience this weekend--

A niece was staying over and I thought "Finally!  Another female in the house--I can watch a chick flick!" and by 'chick flick' I mean, of course, "Practical Magic" which I NEVER get to watch because it's girly and witchy and doesn't have any aliens or super heroes or men without shirts with flexy muscles (that last part's just me--the men-folk in this house really don't care about flexy muscles).

Aaanyway, girl-person and I were happily plugged into my girly/witchy movie with a tub of popcorn and a big, fat glass of wine (for me, not her--she got cream soda) and almost immediately the questions started.  "Why are they doing that?"  "What's a solstice?"  "Why can't she just go into the circle?"

I was amazed.  So many of the witchy references in the movie are things I take for granted, and what with the magic of the Internet, I find that I just ASSUME that everybody just knows about full moon esbats and solstices and casting circles and stuff.  Seriously...she thought my Tarot deck was a card game (which, I guess technically it could be...) and how could she not know the importance of a good circle casting?

I had always assumed, if I had daughters, I would subtly raise them in the Craft the way I was, and give them "the talk" when they were old enough.  My sons have never expressed any interest, other than playing with my crystals and running around the house with incense sticks like little pyromaniac ribbon dancers.  But how do you explain your personal dogma to someone else's child?

Being the discreet witch that I am (and since one can never be sure just how liberal a kid's parents REALLY are) I very delicately explained what I could.  I found that psychology came into the explanations far more often than magic.  Jungian archetypes are quite handy that way, you know.  Historical and etymological references came up a lot, until the poor girl's eyes glazed over with boredom.  Frankly I think she wished we had picked "Captain America" for our movienight.  In hindsight it saddened me to hear myself break down my own personal belief system into such dry terms.  But what do you do?

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