Sunday, October 20, 2013

Crystal Ball Meditation

This weekend's Harvest Moon fell on a perfect October evening--the sky was clear, the weather was mild.  As it was a Friday, I was free to have an overt celebration--Three Sisters' Soup and Moon Wine for everyone!  And of course there were my tools to recharge by moonlight.  Of the items I recharge, none are more lovely than my crystal balls.

Over the years I have amassed quite the collection of crystal balls.  The fascination started with one my mother had--a small, perfect sphere of rock crystal set on a simple brass stand.  I loved that crystal ball (as did my Barbies, since I would often borrow it to play "gypsy fortune teller").  As an adult, I went through a phase where crystal balls seemed to make themselves available to me some regularity.  Taking it as a sign, I would (of course) buy them whenever I had the chance and the funds, but soon my wealth of crystal balls became more like a clutter of paperweights.  For a while there (during a spiritual slump), they were just something interesting to set on a coffee table book or a potential weapon to take away from the kids.  Today, however, they are usually the focus of my meditations.

While crystal ball scrying has become something of a cliche these days, as a meditation tool it can't be beat.  Unlike Tarot readings, a crystal ball reading is highly subjective for me, and consequently not helpful when seeking answers for others.  But for my personal scryings, I often prefer the ball to other focusing mediums.  The weight in my hands, the subtle patterns inside the crystal, the way the light shines through--all of these things help me lose my focus on the here and now just enough to let my mind find answers to any questions I may have that day.  

In my home, my crystal balls have ceased to be dust collectors and are now shiny reminders of my spirituality.  Add to that the personal energy they pick up during meditations as well as the energy of the full moon, and crystal balls scattered throughout my home lend a soothing and personal energy to the rooms they grace.

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  1. Lovely post. Makes me want a crystal ball or two.