Monday, October 7, 2013

Back Porch Halloween

Wow.  The first weekend in October has come and gone, and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies.  Gloriously, a cool front blew through this weekend and it finally feels like autumn here at Discreet Witch Central.

Not one to let a perfect autumn day go to waste, I caught a wild hare and decided that this year I would not be Halloweening up the front porch like I normally do (which frankly, is wasted on the Trick-or-Treaters since they rarely get past the "Keeper of the Candy" stationed in the middle of my driveway).  For years I went all-out on the front, much to the delight of the UPS guy and the Orkin man, and maybe the occasional kid selling something for school.  But not this year.  This year they'll have to settle for a few pumpkins and a cobweb or two.  No, this year I'm doing up my back porch in creepy Halloween style.

I should explain that I live on the water, and to be honest, my back yard gets seen WAY more than my front.  Early fishermen, kayakers, tubers, paddleboarders--I get more back yard traffic by my house than front yard traffic most days.  In the immortal words of the Joker, "Wait 'til they get a load of me..."

Being a notorious Halloweenophile, of course I own bins of decorations, but a certain amount of judicious reassigning was definitely in order here...

Interior pillows snagged from the after-Halloween sale rack a couple of years ago make their way outside.

"Fred" the skeleton takes center stage on the back porch.  His faithful companion "Lucky" was an anniversary gift from sweet spouse last year.  Sadly, his sibling "Un-Lucky" didn't survive last season very well and is barely held together with wire, glue and spit.  Un-Lucky doesn't get to hang out in high-traffic areas. 
 It's got to be five o'clock somewhere.

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