Monday, August 19, 2013

Blue Moon in August

Browsing the Internet, a notice for tomorrow night's Blue Moon caught my eye.  What?  No.  That's crazy talk.  Everyone knows that a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month.  Right?  Well, apparently not. 

In traditional English folklore, there are three full moons in each quarter of the year.  Each full moon has a name--Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Strawberry Moon, etc.--depending on the season, and that full moon would need to happen on or around the same time each year.  On years when a fourth full moon occurred in a quarter, the schedule was thrown off.  Hence the Blue Moon--blue in this case is derived from the Old English word "belewe" meaning "to betray."  The "Betrayer Moon" is the third full moon to fall within a quarter, freeing up the fourth full moon to fall around the correct time of year. 

Magickally, I like to treat this "Betrayer" Moon as both a bonus and an inspiration.  I use the added full moon energy to charge any objects that may need extra charging and prepare myself for the possibility of a challenging time ahead.  This full moon being in Aquarius leads me to want to focus on the intellectual aspects of my life and possibly focus on being more organized and centered.  I may or may not put out jars of purified H2O to make a new batch of Blue Moon Water, but since I still haven't used the last batch (though why on Earth I'm hoarding it is beyond me) I probably won't.

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