Sunday, July 21, 2013

Halloween in July?!

Every now and then, when the summer days get especially long and everyone starts getting on everyone else's nerves, I take a personal time-out and head on over to the craft store--not to buy anything (though Goddess knows I will), but simply to walk up and down the aisles, surrounded by the scents of ribbons and wreathes, bundled cinnamon sticks and artificial flowers (the smell of craftiness, my friends) with no kids in tow, and no one to please but myself.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Grumpily I walk into the store, inhale, exhale and all the grumpiness seemed to fade a bit.  And then I saw it...
No no no!  This cannot be!!  It's the middle of July and yet there it was--a shelf full of Halloween chotchkes just sitting there--taunting me.
Oh, they start harmlessly enough.  A shelf here, a charming motif there.  Snuggled up next to the school supplies they lurk, waiting for an unsuspecting Halloweenophile to bring them home.  I was strong this time--no way was I going to succumb to the orange, black and purple lure of my favorite holiday.  It's July for Goddess' sake!  I've been down this path before.  I know where it leads.  Madness!
 OK, that's an exaggeration.  For me, these early displays lead to something much worse--Halloween burn-out.  It amazes me, even in my conservative neck of the woods, how much attention is given to this most pagan of holidays.  July through October.  Even Christmas only gets a couple of months of mass marketing, barely enough time for Yule burn-out if you ask me.

But I know, sadly, that by late August my resolve will weaken.  I'll just go into the craft stores for a little Halloween "fix."  Not to buy anything of course--just to set off all of the motion-sensor decorations and run.  But this is a gateway drug for me, and if I'm not careful, by October 31, instead of enjoying the day, I'll already be pulling down cobwebs and throwing out candy corn. 


  1. "Just to set off all the motion-sensor decorations and run" : hilarious! Halloween is my favorite, too. Not sure I could have resisted the urge just to buy ONE thing from the bountiful shelves... That's how it starts...

  2. Hello! New reader here! I live in the conservative, hot south too! I also love to walk the fall Aisles at out local craft store in July! I'm gives me ho fall will come....someday!