Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Motivation

For me, Midsummer is an oasis of magic in an otherwise mundane time of year.  As the days grow longer, and summer arrives, life becomes full of "what must get done," all of the everyday things which keep our mundane worlds turning--bills, chores, work.  We begin to lose the drive to do "what ought to be done" in our spiritual lives--meditation, ceremony, giving thanks.  Midsummer reminds us to be Pagan.

So whether you are planning on a wild Litha bonfire (mine has been rained out sadly) with summer mead and beer, or simply casting a circle in the Moon Garden and watching for fairies by candlelight on this shortest night of the year,  the very act of acknowledging Midsummer brings us closer to nature.


  1. Great blog! I love the photo with the bonfire. Was that your set up this year?

    1. No, actually I had planned to use part of our Yule firewood (the trunk of last year's Yule tree) for the bonfire. Being the super-motivated person I am, I dragged the log down to the fire pit only to have it thoroughly drenched in a two-day wet spell. No Solstice fire for me this year. I did light candles galore however!