Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Recommendation--"Kids Who See Ghosts"

As it was my last Friday of freedom before school starts again in the fall, I treated myself to an over-priced coffee beverage and a visit to one of my favorite occult bookstores to load up on enough incense and pagan whatnot to see me through the crazy months of summer.  While there, I came across a book, "Kids Who See Ghosts: How To Guide Them Through Fear" by Caron B. Goode EdD, NCC.  I didn't purchase a copy, though in hindsight I wish I had. 

More and more often I am meeting women whose children have ghostly visitors and I have to admit I am grateful that mine do not (or at least, not that they've told me).  As much as I really enjoy hearing the stories these women tell of the experiences they've had with their children seeing ghosts, I'm not sure I would handle it well--not because the ghosts frighten me, but because I can't protect my children from the unknown if I can't see what they see. 

While the title offers "how to guide [your children] through fear," I suspect it is the parents (like myself) who really need the guidance, and from the reviews I've read this book addresses parents' fears as well.  Learning how to respect what your children say they are seeing and not assume it is simply the work of an active imagination is something all parents need to work on, even those of us with relatively open minds. 

If you've read this book, or even have experience in this matter, I'd love to hear your opinion.
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