Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Romantic Patchouli

One of my favorite magical herbs to use in romance spells is patchouli.  In magic, patchouli corresponds with wealth, love and sexual attraction.  Long associated with hippies and counter culture activists, this earthy scent has long been considered an aphrodisiac.  Parts used are leaves and essential oil. 

In the garden, patchouli is a bit of a needy herb (in my experience).  It is a perennial  which (if happy) grows to up to three feet high.  Down here in the coastal South, patchouli likes morning sun and afternoon shade and needs to be watered fairly often in the summer.  Farther north, it needs to be protected from freezing or replanted every year. 

DARK PATCHOULI Artisan Alchemist Ritual Perfume Oil for Money, Prosperity, Financial Success, Land & Earth Magick, Fertility, Aphrodisia
Personally, I find the essential oil to be a bit strong and prefer to dilute it (a LOT) for a subtle hint of fragrance--remember, you want that special someone to have to lean IN to smell you, not back away.  A single drop in a dollop of unscented lotion is more than enough.  Alternately, there are many perfumes and colognes available today which contain patchouli--Prada, White Patchouli by Tom Ford, Casmir by Chopard to name a few.  On nights of the full moon, I like to leave my perfume in a pool of moonlight to charge it, just as I do my other magical tools.  Then, I visualize my love as I spritz a little on before date night.  Works like a charm.


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