Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Epiphany

It's such a little thing, but this morning, as I sit in my favorite chair sipping my coffee and thinking about the tasks I need to accomplish today, the morning sunlight is shining right in my eyes.  Huh.  Something has changed.  My morning sunlight has moved from it's winter spot over my back porch to it's summer spot in the breakfast room.

Honestly, other than deciding where to sit with my coffee so that the sun doesn't hit me in the face, it's not something I have ever given much thought to before this morning.  Such a tiny yet mind-blowing epiphany.  I wonder if this must be what the pagans who created Stonehenge felt as they watched the sun's annual journey across the sky. 

So now I have to ask myself:  how likely is the neighborhood association to write me a letter if I erect a megalith marking this moment?
At the very least I should move my prisms.

1 comment:

  1. I notice this in my family room in late July. My baby was born at that time... And I remember the light in that room every morning I'd sit up with her. It's something I had never before noticed just like you
    , its a pretty awesome realization! :)