Saturday, April 27, 2013

Idea Book: Beltane

As I may have mentioned before, I love decorating for the holidays, and while I may have boxes and boxes (and boxes...and boxes...) of decorations for the big ones like Yule and Samhain, Beltane (May Day) presents more of a challenge for me to sink my crafty little teeth into.  Spouse may roll his lovely eyes and sigh audibly once the ribbon and hot glue gun come out, but me--I'm in the zone!  Since I was hunting down inspiration anyway, I thought I'd share my findings...
Beltane, to me represents all the best of springtime, and of course you've gotta have a May Pole.  I'm loving this May Pole-inspired planter and it looks fairly easy to accomplish--just a pot, a dowel, a decorative finial, paint, lots of ribbon and of course, flowers.
If you are celebrating Beltane old school, then of course you need to dress the part.  How easy it would be to make a Green Man mask using an inexpensive green mask, some well-placed oak leaves and a little glue?  Or for the ladies a lovely floral garland made with flowers from your garden?

OK, frankly this next one was the coolest Beltane image I found the entire search.  What a fun and colorful idea!  I would be hard-pressed not to leave this up year round.

And of course you have to have a wand...

Finally, if you get hungry after all of your Beltane decorating, these fabulous Maypole cupcakes from Sweetology101!

You guys are on your own for your Beltane Fire--here chez Discreet Witch we'll be sitting around the firepit making Beltane s'mores until the embers burn down.


  1. These are amazing!! Thank you for sharing them. Happy Beltane to you and yours!