Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Care and Feeding of Brooms

I have a broom habit.  I'll admit it.  It's not out of control yet, but sometimes I just can't help myself--I see a lovely, well-made broom, and I just have to have it.  Currently I am lusting over a handcrafted traditional broom with sassafras broomstick, but I can't justify the cost.  It's a sickness.  Still, brooms are a tool, and as with any tool, proper care will extend it's useful life.  Especially when you've dropped a bundle at your local Renaissance Festival on that carved and hand polished applewood number.

General broom care:
-Always store the broom by hanging it or leaning it upside down.  Simply leaving it on the ground warps the shape of the corn.
-Dampen your broom from time to time, or sweep rain or snow from the porch.  The moisture will help to clean the corn fibers and keep them from snapping off.
-If your broom bristles get all wonky, soak them in warm water for a minute and then bind them with a rubber band or twine in whatever shape you like (I bind my besom with a rubber band, my kitchen broom with twine). Hang the broom for a couple of days to dry and the shape will be restored.
-Clean your broom after use by running the bristles over a rail or a step.

At least once a year, if not more often, perform a ritual cleansing and blessing on your brooms--even that junky Home Depot special you use to sweep off the front porch.  As a tool, that broom is physically and psychically cleansing your space.  Treat it with respect.  Really good pagans will cleanse and bless their brooms monthly, but I just don't have that kind of time and/or energy.  I generally perform my broom blessing at or near the full moon, and almost always in the autumn (there's just something about the season that makes me more aware of magic).  The cleansing and blessing can be as complicated or as simple as you like.  I'm a simple girl and stick with incense, salt and water blessings.  Your words are your own, so say your blessing over this valuable tool, hang it up or display it in a place of honor, and blessed be.


  1. I know what you mean about brooms! I saw one a the Renfest a couple of years ago. I just loved it but couldn't justify the cost. I thought about it all year until the next Renfest rolled around and then took the extra money to buy it! I'm glad to know how to care for it now. Thanks for the post! ♡

  2. You may want to delete the link, since the owner/manufacturer passed away earlier this year :-(

  3. ...and this link: says Page Not Found.

    1. The link does take you to the site.... I saw the page not found across the top, but the brooms they do have are lovely!

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