Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time!

I love it when the urge to organize kicks in.  Finally!  All of those half-finished projects, random boxes in the closets and cluttered junk drawers are singing their siren's call to my motivated ears.  But more than that, as the moon waxes and the Spring Equinox approaches, all of that positive energy can be channeled into a springtime ritual cleansing.

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to clear the physical and emotional clutter that builds up during the winter months following Yule.  Start small if the motivation isn't there--old clothes which aren't worn anymore can go to charity, random stacks and piles of papers can be sorted and dealt with.  If like me, however, you are feeling juiced up for a good domestic scrub down, go for it!  Just be sure to get the piles of junk you've cleared out of your home.  As the clutter is cleared it makes room for positive energy in your life.

Once the home is cleaned, a good smudging is in order.  Personally, I really hate the smell of burning sage, but since this is a once-a-year activity for me and I can open all of the windows and doors while doing it, I go ahead with my smudge stick.  I usually make my own every spring with sage, mugwort and lavendar from the garden, and last year's smudge sticks are nice and dry after a year in the pantry.  If you absolutely can't bear the smoke, or if for some reason you aren't permitted to burn things (say in a dorm or a rental property), I've found that liquid smudge works well enough for most cleansings, and it smells so much nicer.  As you would with the smudge stick, go through each room and clear the energy, making sure not to neglect corners and under furniture.  Visualize the the smoke (or spray) dispersing the negativity from each room.  If you are using smudge smoke, be careful of the ash and whatever you do, don't set off the smoke detector (it happens).

Bottle of liquid smudge accompanied by healing crystals
Now that your space is cleansed, cleanse your body in a ritual bath (or shower--just be sure to use plenty of salt), dress in clean, comfortable clothing and take a moment to reward yourself for the work you've done.  Enjoy the cleansed space--while it lasts.  New clutter will sneak up on you later.

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  1. A clean place gives off a positive feeling to its tenants, and spring cleaning is one of my favorite time of the year. What I usually do is to follow a weekly schedule in cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing different areas of my house. That way, I could focus at one aspect at a time.

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip