Monday, February 11, 2013

Candle Magic and Romance

There truly is something magical about candlelight.  The bright, optimistic flickering of candles on a birthday cake, the warm, welcoming glow of candles during the holidays, and the dark, sexy light of a candlelit bedroom.

St. Valentine's Day is upon us, and since you'll probably be lighting a candle or two anyway, why not add a little candle magic to the mix?  Though frankly, if you light a candle, you're halfway to romance already.

In candle magic there are three important aspects.  First and most important is color.  For romantic intents and purposes candles in red, pink, orange and white are what you want to use.  Red candles represent love, passion, lust and sex.  Pink represent harmony, affection and romance.  Orange candles are for encouragement, attraction and fertility.  White tends to be an all purpose color for candles, but in romance they represent truth and purity. 

The next aspect in candle magic is scent.  Certain scents encourage specific behaviors.  If you are setting the mood for romance, you are looking for the more carnal scents.  Spicy, dessert scents are always a good choice.  You can never go wrong with vanilla.  Floral scents represent femininity  and fertility in candle magic--choose wisely.  Woody scents encourage masculinity.  Be careful though.  It is very easy to overdo it where scents are concerned.  Less is more so try not to use more than one or two scented candles in a small room.

The final aspect in candle magic, as in all magic, is intent.  Know what you're asking for and visualize visualize visualize.   And for Goddess' sake, practice candle safety.  Burn your candles in appropriate holders, away from curtains and other flammable objects, and never leave your candles unsupervised.  Be sure to blow out all candles with a murmur of thanks when done.  If your intent is strong enough, flameless candles will work in a pinch, but you do lose the fire aspect of the spell.

Good luck


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