Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Viola Hederecea

Viola hederacea
The front and back porches in my house have a wintery case of the humdrums.  With the Yule greenery gone and my potted plants finished with their show, my front door feels unwelcoming. 
We had a brief spell of spring-like weather last week, so I decided to head out to my local nursery to see what coolness they had going on.  I really wanted violas for the porches, both for their magickal properties and their cheerful loveliness.  Either violets or pansies would do, but the violas offered at the nursery looked leggy to me, so I ended up buying a flat of Australian Violets (viola hederacea).
Now, with window box and pots scattered about laden with these charming, tiny purple and white flowers I can begin a cleansing of the porches.  On the next sunny day, I will remove everything from each porch (no small task--I'll definitely be earning my glass of wine).  Then I get to hose everything off, letting the running water act as a spiritual and physical cleanser.  Once everything is cleansed, (and cleaned) I get to put the furniture and potted violets back and start blessing away.
Thing is, with over 400 species of flower in the violet family, the magickal correspondences are open to a fairly broad interpretation.  Normally violets represent tranquility and peace, dedication and loyalty, and protection from evil.  The Australian violet has a little extra *umph* though.  Unlike sweet violets and pansies, all parts of this plant are considered poisonous.  To me this gives the Australian violet a little more spiritual street cred which I will incorporate into any protection spells I weave around the front and back doors. 

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