Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pagan Diversity

This morning I read an article on restoring the ancient religions of Europe, the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia to their original glory, "suitably updated by what we have learned in the last two thousand years," of course.  The gist of the blog was the creation of one, unified Pagan church, or "big-tent Paganism."  Thing is, while modern Pagan beliefs mirror ancient religions, our practices are diverse.  I lean towards Goddess worship.  Others may be Hellenic, Celtic, Ancestral, Eclectic...the list can be as long as you want it.  Modern Pagans are seekers, and we each find our own path.  The idea of creating one unified, powerful Pagan religion is wishful thinking at best, narcissistic at worst.  Exactly whose big tent should we unify under?  Which of us should compromise our beliefs to better fit in with this new uber-Paganism?  How would this make us any different from the religions we grew up with?

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