Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newsflesh Series

Zombies aren't particularly witchy, but since they seem to be everywhere right now, I thought I'd roll with them for today. 

I just finished reading Blackout, the last book in the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant (pseudonym of Seanan McGuire of Rosemary and Rue fame).   While it wasn't as good as the first two (Feed and Deadline), it still rocked.  The Newsflesh Trilogy takes place in a future where zombie-ism is something the people have learned to live with, and life goes on.  Lifestyles and laws have changed in the world to accommodate a new reality where anyone who dies will come back as a zombie unless you put a bullet in their head.  Mira Grant does an amazing job creating a feeling of ambivalence/paralyzing fear which grips the people of this world, to the point where even the reader begins to forget the zombies are even in the story.

If you enjoy a good zombie novel (or three), and you know I do, I can totally recommend the Newsflesh Trilogy.

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