Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hansel and Gretel

I went to see Hansel and Gretel this weekend.  I'm a movie geek, what can I say.  I'd been hesitant to say anything about it, since it was so obviously not going to paint a flattering picture of witches.  And it didn't.  The best I can say about the movie was that it was a mildly entertaining piece of anti-witch propaganda.

Still, without giving anything away I will say that it wasn't as offensive to witches as I expected.  It was more of a good witch vs. bad witch thingee.  The movie itself?  Meh.  The fight scenes were cool (and who doesn't like watching Famke Janssen get the schisnit beat out of her?).  The dialogue was laugh-out-loud funny on occasion.  Jeremy Renner is a dreamboat.  Still, it wasn't art.
Fortunately the theater served alcohol.

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