Saturday, January 12, 2013

36 Second Ritual

I'll admit it, I love my coffee in the mornings.  The hotter the better.  In fact, I like my hot coffee so much that I will heat my creamer (or soymilk or whatever) in the microwave before I add the coffee just to get it hot enough.  Thirty-six seconds seems to be my number.
In the past I've used this time.  Thirty-six seconds of lovin' on the dogs.  Thirty-six seconds of general tidying.  Thirty-six seconds of prepping lunches for kids.  It is amazing what can be accomplished in thirty-six seconds.
This morning, as I looked around at the wreckage that is my kitchen after a Baconalia fest the menfolk held, I decided that thirty-six seconds of centering was needed.  I set up a candle (a scented tealight I had on hand), prepped my coffee cup (my favorite one with the Three Blind Mice on it), and programmed the microwave.  Thirty-six seconds of visualizing a bubble of energy and strength I was going to need to deal with the nightmare that my kitchen had become.
The microwave beeped, I gave thanks and blew out the candle, and then went on to enjoy my coffee on the back porch where I wouldn't have to look at the kitchen or smell the old bacon smell emanating from it.  No way am I using that little bubble of peace I'd formed to clean up after those pigs.  As soon as they're up I'm using the strength I prayed for, all thirty-six seconds of it, to crack the whip. 

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