Monday, December 3, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

This morning bit.  Everyone was bickering, shoes were lost, homework was eaten, breakfast was not.  Part of it was the usual Monday morning blahs, but there was a little bad energy going on here (most likely carried in with the clutter of a camping trip) that didn't help matters at all.  Time for a cleansing!

With the moon waning, it's the perfect opportunity for spells of undoing, as in undoing the clutter and bad energy that has trickled back into my home over the weekend.  Realistically, it would help if I started with a clean house, but it's Monday and I'm grumpy, and I have to clean anyway, so I make the cleaning part of the spell.  With each room I clean I place a lemon half in a corner, asking that the lemon absorb any negativity in the room.  Fortunately for me, I have a prolific lemon tree and so I may use a whole lemon per room, just to be thorough.  This evening, I will dispose of the lemons and replace them if the house still feels "blah."  Once the energy in my home feels balanced, I generally light a stick of incense (or two, or three) and ask for blessings on the house.  While I would love to have the energy and drive to do a full-on, circle-casting, sky-clad cleansing, this one usually keeps my home feeling welcoming and warm.

Blessed be.

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