Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Magic of Soup

Soup has always been a magickal food for me.  It nourishes the body, comforts the soul and even the simplest soups require your energy in preparation, even if it's just opening the can.  With Autumn's colder weather here, I tend to go a little soup-happy and I see no reason not to take this food that will nourish my family and give it a little magickal *umph*.
As I write this article, I'm gnoshing down on one of my favorite soups, the Broccoli-Basil Soup from the Cowgirl Chef's self-titled cookbook.  It's fast, easy and a great way to choke down a crapload of broccoli.  Anyway, it got me wondering about the magickal correspondences of the ingredients:

Broccoli--Strength and prosperity
Basil--Love, money and protection
Shallots or onions--Protection, stability, prosperity and moon magick
Salt and pepper for cleansing and purification

All of these together sound like the makings of an excellent meal for work-related magick, or a date-night meal to strengthen and protect the relationship. 

With intent any soup can be made magickal while preparing it, even if it just focusing on opening opportunities or minds while using the can-opener, undoing a bad influence while you stir the soup widdershins or adding positive energy while stirring clock-wise.  The Internet is lousy with websites listing the magickal correspondences of you ingredients.  Have fun with it.

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