Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Only two more days 'til Winter Solstice and so much left to do.  I need to haul the Yule log (really a Yule trunk, but that's another story for another blog) out to the fire pit, tidy up said fire pit for the enjoyment of Pagans and Christians alike, bake up a mess of ginger snaps and my own Solstice shortbread cookies, and string up yet more holiday lights to light the way on this, the longest night.  Whew.  And lest I forget, a trip to the liquor store for mulled wine fixings and a bottle (or four) of my favorite mead...though, now that I think about it...I may save the liquor store until the last minute.  I would hate to be tempted with so much to do.

Mrs. Smith

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