Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Magick

I'm a firm believer in sympathetic magick.  We start learning about it as kids--"step on a crack, break your mother's back, step on a line, marry Frankenstein," (walking on old sidewalks is still an adventure for me), and some of us carry it well into adulthood.  Plant, color and day correspondences, voodoo dolls and effigies, fetishes...these are all examples of sympathetic magick.  So many things we do as pagans have an "if/then" quality to them, and New Year's Eve traditions can be the toughest of all.  On some level, it's hard not to believe that everything you do on New Year's Day doesn't, in one way or another, affect the rest of your year.  Consequently there's a lot of pressure to get your ducks in a row (so to speak) before January 1st.
For me it starts with completing projects.  This weekend has been a frenzy of dealing with all of those little things that build up around the house over the course of the year--piles of filing, unfinished projects, boxes of stuff that have not seen the light of day in ages.  I have an afghan that I've been working on for the better part of the year which I've been rushing to finish (done and done!).  Looking around the house I found three separate coin jars that we counted out and packed into coin rolls to take to the bank today.  $173.50 in loose change just sitting around the house over the last year will now make it's way into the kids' college funds (chaching!).  My refrigerator is now cleaned out and stocked with healthy foods and beverages (and champagne).  And of course, Goddess willing, my house will be clean.  All of these things, to me, create a sympathetic magick--an uncluttered and stress-free New Year's Day equals an uncluttered and stress-free New Year.  And, frankly, there is no greater motivator to get it all done than the threat of having to do housework on New Year's Day while nursing a champagne hang-over.
Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve.
Mrs. Smith

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