Monday, December 17, 2012

How Do Pagans Protect Their Children?

How do Pagans protect their children?  We childproof cabinets, keep our candles high and in fireproof holders, we teach them the power of 911 and when to use it.  We tell them to look both ways before crossing the street.  We cut their food into bite-sized pieces, we tell them not to go anywhere with strange men and we put charms on their windows and in their backpacks.
And we pray.  We pray to the Goddess, we pray to the gods, and when we get really scared, really really afraid for our babies, sometimes we revert to our religious roots and pray to the Christian God to watch over our children.  Anyone, any god, please keep our children safe.  Where the safety of our children is concerned we are shameless, as any parent would be. 

The world can be a frightening place.  There are things out there out of our control.  I find that I'm less frightened for myself or my spouse than I am for my children because they are the thing I hold most dear.  So I pray for them every day, and I pray for those who lost children and loved ones in Connecticut's recent tragedy.

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