Friday, December 7, 2012

Heaven and Hearth

As I was looking through my witchy library, I came across this gem from 1997 which is, hands down, one of my favorite books on folklore.  "Heaven & Hearth, A Seasonal Compendium of Women's Spiritual & Domestic Lore" is a delightful reference book, for Pagan and Christian alike.  It is full of traditions, recipes and poetry, mostly from northern Europe, all laid out in a manner perfect for those of us with short attention spans.  It's an excellent "pick-up" book--you know, the kind of book you can pick up and put down dozens of times and still enjoy it every time.  My own copy of "Heaven & Hearth" stayed out on the back porch for over a year where I could enjoy it with my morning coffee (needless to say, it is looking a little ragged).  Elizabethan poetry and traditional folk medicine go hand-in-hand with lyrics to long-forgotten folk songs and old wives' tales.  The snippets on folk cures found throughout each chapter are fabulous considering that many of the herbal remedies are still in use today.  I totally recommend this book as a gift this holiday season, either for yourself, or any earthy lady in your life.

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