Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon Ritual for November

 New moon is the time for growth and beginnings.  I tend to get my hair cut early in the moon's phase to encourage growth (though I'll be honest and admit I've never noticed a difference), and in the garden I'll plant nonroot vegetables during the new moon.  In my home, I perform cleansings--emotional, domestic, personal, spiritual--during this time to make room for the new clutter that comes with life.

November's new moon falls on a Tuesday, making it an excellent opportunity to open up peace talks with folks you've been feuding with (and we all have those), or encourage positive energy in your relationships.

Once everyone's left the house and I have a little privacy, I do a quicky cleansing--physical and psychic--which usually involves uber-cleaning the kitchen (a task I truly hate, but it's the center of my world, so I try to focus on my new moon goals as I scrub other people's dishes), straightening up the rest of the house, making a cup of tea (I think mint today), lighting a purifying incense and centering myself as I picture old, stale energy leaving my home and new, fresh energy entering.  On special occasions I'll do the big cleanse, but life is hectic and my goals are small this month--the health, happiness and peace of my family as the holiday season approaches.

I'll do this for the length of time it takes to enjoy the earth, wind, fire and water aspects of my tea, give thanks to the Universe for--well--everything, and get on with my day. 

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I have a tendency to forget to incorporate spiritual practice into my everyday life and get so unbalanced as a result. Thanks for posting.