Thursday, November 29, 2012


artwork by Dan Reynolds
I missed the full moon.  That's a bummer, because full moon meditations and spells are my favorites.  I feel a sense of balance and peace after them that centers me for the rest of the month.  But, as often happens, day-to-day distractions make it easy to forget to make time for worship.  Even more so when, like me, you would rather practice alone, and there is no alone place to be found (maybe I should keep an altar by the toilet?). 
I've debated setting a reminder on my iPhone, but it doesn't seem right somehow--like a metaphysical cheat.  Still, inspired by this train of thought, I looked to see what apps are available to the practicing witch.  I searched under "pagan," and sure enough, there was an app for that. 
I was surprised at first to find anything at all, let alone over 80 apps.  They have EVERYTHING, from various Books of Shadows, to Tarot guides to god and goddess dictionaries.  I felt like a kid in a candy store (or a witch in an herb shop).  But that still doesn't answer the question, is it OK to incorporate technology into your practice?  Hmm.  Food for thought.

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