Friday, November 16, 2012

Autumn Tarot

As I was driving home from the store, a bright orange autumn leaf did a full-on cartoon style flutter-in-the-wind, gracefully flitting this way and that, just before it plastered itself onto my windshield.  It sat there through two stop signs before going on it's merry way to bless the windshield of some other hapless pagan on this glorious autumn day.

I love days like this--just a little too cool, a little too bright, the trees are showing their color, and my flowers are all dying.  Autumn makes me want to bake something or clean or, better yet, sit by the fire with a cup of coffee and read Tarot.

I wanted to do something different with my reading today.  I've got an itch to embrace change, possibly inspired by the weather, or maybe even my intrepid orange leaf.  Change is a part of life's circle, and autumn reminds us of this.  So I used the magical power of the Internet and found a wonderful article on Llewellyn's website (linked below).  In it, the author talks about a spread called Box of Change presented by Thalassa, the producer of the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium.

To read this spread, shuffle your entire deck (including the five cards the positions are named for) and lay the cards out in order. 

Card 1 is Wheel of Fortune, representing what is causing the change
Card 2 is Death, representing what is wrong--this is what needs to be let go of in order to move on.
Card 3 is Tower and it represents a warning.  It is what you don't see coming.  Be aware of potential SNAFUs on the horizon and change may proceed more smoothly.
Card 4 is the Hanged Man.  It is an area of your life in flux that you need to sit back and let happen.  It's like the weather, now move on.
Card 5 is Judgment and it represents what needs to be done.  Basically it is the opposite of card 4 and you should be proactive in the change that is coming.

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