Sunday, November 18, 2012

Air Filter Purification Spell

There must be something in the air this weekend.  I'm feeling crazy nesty.  Maybe it's the coming Yuletide season (and it's infinite opportunities to bake and decorate), or perhaps it was this weekend's Leonid Meteor Shower (how cool was that?!!).  Maybe Mercury is in retrograde (it totally is!).  Whatever.  The inspiration to do household maintenance has hit, and what better time to insert a little discreet witchery?

Looking up, I was appalled by the amount of ew which had collected on my air-intake vent.  When was the last time I changed those filters?  Oh well, where others see chores, I see possibility.

Negativity Trap Spell
-New air filter (my AC guy recommends using the basic cheap blue ones--the air conditioner doesn't work as hard drawing air, and it's better to change the filters often.  Makes no diff to me, but we don't have any asthmatics here either.)
-Lemon or orange furniture polish  (This was also on the advice of my AC guy--spray the new filter with furniture polish to increase it's efficacy in filtering dust, etc.)
I know, I know--store-bought furniture polish doesn't seem very magickal.  You can whip up your own essential oil spray if you like, you'd be able to fine-tune the spell and more power to you, but as this is home maintenance, why not work with what's convenient?

Center yourself and focus on your intent:  you are creating a trap for the negative energy circulating through your home.  If spells work better for you go for it.  I usually recite a simple phrase three times, maybe something like "peace circles, anger trapped."  Imagine your filter/trap working and remember to switch out the filter every month (I like to do this around the waxing moon, but obviously I forget often.)  Anoint (spray) the filter with furniture polish--Lemon enhances energy and can be used in purification spells, Orange is good for purification but better at lifting moods.  Replace the filters and give thanks.  Blessed be.


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